Design Portfolio : Public Scapes Projects

High School Central Lunch Area Renovation

Livingston was instrumental in providing tools for the high school principal to secure funding for the renovation of a well used 1960's lunch area. Livingston developed a conceptual plan for the quad, with a design that modified two existing large raised planters to become rolling greens for student lounging and outdoor classroom activities. Circular raised planters with stained concrete benches were scattered throughout for lunchtime seating. A combination of evergreen and deciduous trees provide screening and winter sun and summer shade as well as spring color. A stage offers space for outdoor concerts and assemblies. By spreading seating throughout the lunch area, it can now accommodate a larger number of students while adding a calming and quieting feature to lunchtime activities.

Retirement Community Park

The small private park was created to cater to the residents of this retirement community. The park was designed for passive use including a walking path, memorial wall, holiday tree and varied seating areas. The memorial wall and the fountain wall were developed to divert views away from the adjacent access road and freeway. The small wall fountain helps mask freeway noise.

Sports Field Renovation and Comfort Station

A local government official requested a design build program from Livingston Associates to renovate a well worn softball field. The existing field was small and lacked the proper facilities to adequately service the needs of the active community on a daily basis. Livingston provided a schematic design which included an expanded, regraded ball field, new backstop, full field lighting, bleacher seating, storage facilities, restroom facilities and paved parking lot. In the original program and due to the remote location of the field the limit of work was negotiable and will be decided upon in the field.

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